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Solar System Model

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Europa (moon)

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John Glenn

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Rocket Lab's Electron rocket makes it into orbit in January after lifting off from the Māhia Peninsula. MESSENGER has provided multiple lines of evidence that Mercury’s polar regions host water ice.

Space Is Open For Business

Shown here is a view looking down on Mercury’s north polar region, with 0° longitude on the bottom of the view and extending to 65°N latitude. NAAP Astronomy Labs - Planetary Orbits - Planetary Orbit Simulator.

Europa orbits Jupiter in just over three and a half days, with an orbital radius of aboutkm. With an eccentricity of onlythe orbit itself is nearly circular, and the orbital inclination relative to Jupiter's equatorial plane is small, at °. Like its fellow Galilean satellites, Europa is tidally locked to Jupiter, with one hemisphere of Europa.

ORBIT Lab is a creative and inspirational tech hub with workspaces and unique experimental facilitie.

Orbit lab
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