Maine dissertations on early law and custom

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Dissertations on early law and custom

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Dissertations on Early Law and Custom. London: John Murray. Maine, Henry Sumner. [].

Dissertations on early law and custom

Ancient Law, Its Connection with the Early History of Society and Its Relation to Modern Ideas. 10th ed., with introduction and notes by Pollock, Frederick.

Dissertations on early law and custom; Modern customs and ancient laws of Russia, being Ilchester lectures for The Theory of the state; This is an advance summary of a forthcoming entry in the Encyclopedia of Law.

Please check back later for the full entry. Henry Sumner Maine,Kitchener, Canada, Kitchener. Maine's most important works (in addition to Ancient Law) were Village Communities (), Early History of Institutions (), Dissertations on Early Law and Custom (), Popular Government (), and International Law ().

He died on Feb. 3,in Cannes, France. Dissertations On Early Law and Custom: Chiefly Selected from Lectures Delivered at Oxford by Henry Sumner Maine. Nabu Press, Paperback.

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Maine dissertations on early law and custom
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