Indonesian socialite

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We Love Indonesia Party Girls % sexy indonesian socialite life. Girls. email your sexy photos to [email protected] and get featured TAG your photo with #indososialita. Her exploits have been a major talking point on social media over the past day or two, following a fascinating article in the Cut, which examines just how the ersatz socialite pulled the wool over.

Interpol gets in on divorce involving Indonesian business man allegedly suspected of transnational fraud I was just reading Singapore Law Watch. Seems Interpol has put out a warrant for Indonesian businessman named Nurdian Cuaca. Cuaca is enmeshed in a nasty divorce and his beautiful though estranged wife suspects he’s hiding assets.

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New. 12 hours ago Youth strikes gold in farming. Nsubuga’s initiative has quickly paid off, with his monthly earnings from the farming now delivering almost per cent more than he would have been. Forbes' definitive list of the 50 richest people in Indonesia.

Indonesian socialite
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Indonesian socialite jailed in massive bribe case