Hooking up a bass knob

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JL audio 501 v2 Bass knob does not work and the remote turn on does not work. Help

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Can I Hook Up A Bass Knob To Any Amp?

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If the sound gets louder it is a remote gain adjustment, not just a bass knob. This type is actually very helpful because it can actually attentuate the bass for particular songs and may also keep subs from distorting on those songs with to much bass.

Answer (1 of 1): Yes, all you need is a universal bass knob like this one (unavocenorthernalabama.com). LBI Fishing Report Update – November 17, It’s settling down after an extreme blow. The local waters were churned up leaving the bait and game scattered and the water murky.

Hi All, Well it's landed.A mint condition low use SONY CDP-R1a & DAS-R1a after a few delays on the dispatch front, will be hooking it up tonight and doing the A/B comparison against the CDP R3.

JL audio v2 Bass knob does not work and the remote turn on does not work. Help. Posted by camelherder on Aug 19, Want Answer 0. either that or you got a wire hooked up backwards in the sub. but my guess is that the sub is hooked up wrong that sub should be hooked up in a series or in parallel.

Hooking up a bass knob
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2 Amps with only 1 Bass knob? - unavocenorthernalabama.com