Focus on ethics

Business in Ethical Focus: An Anthology – Second Edition

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Early childhood educators encounter many ethical issues in the course of their work with children and families. Each of the Focus on Ethics columns in Young Children presents an ethical issue and asks our readers to determine how an early childhood educator might best respond to it.

Is it an ethical. Campus and Community ADVANCE Program’s ‘Demystifying How Georgia Tech Works’ Events Focus on Ethics, Sponsored Research, and Professional Development This Fall.

Professor Jim Davies: ‘Stop Obsessing About AI’s Consciousness – Focus on Ethics’ Instead we need to focus on putting more effort into programming goals, values and ethical codes, ensuring that the first super-intelligent AI is friendly.

Feminist Ethics

Democratic candidate for attorney general also says he'll look to prisons and focus on Alabama issues. The Focus Program selects students by online application only and accepts on average 32 students per cluster.

To learn more about the Focus program in general, or to apply to the Ethics, Leadership, & Global Citizenship cluster, visit the Focus Program website.

Focus On: Ethics in Nursing As nurses, we've all dealt with difficult ethical issues, even dilemmas, in our practice. They can sometimes be even more challenging than the physical care we provide for our patients.

Focus on ethics
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