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FIrst Class Expediting Services is a provider of expedited transportation services. The transaction took the form of an asset purchase, and the operations of FCES will be rolled into the company's.

Logistics. With DC International on your shorebase, land or offshore location you should experience project cost reductions resulting from efficient expediting, equipment tracking and reporting. Find information about FIRST CLASS EXPEDITING SERVICE, INC.

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in TROY, MI, including freight broker credit reports, member ratings, member reviews, published freight loads, and other freight brokers!

Reminder: Date Change for November General Membership Meeting. This is a reminder to all Teamsters Local # Members that the General Membership Meeting for November has been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 13, at 7pm.

American & Middle-East Services, Inc. (AMES, INC.) was established in We are a firm located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area providing a wide range of services including visa processing as well as legalization and authentication of documents covering all of the countries of the world.

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (AMEX:XPO)(the "Company"), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Express-1, Inc. (Express-1), today announced the purchase of certain assets of First Class Expediting Services, Inc.

Express-1 Acquires 3PL First Class Expediting

(FCES) of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

First class expediting service inc
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