Causes of tsunami

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Tsunami Geology - What Causes a Tsunami?

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Feb 28,  · Volcanoes cause tsunamis when there is an eruption. The volcano can either be on land or under the sea, in which case it is known as a submarine volcano. If the volcanic eruption happens on land, the tsunami is caused by debris and lava from the volcano flowing into the sea, which once again causes a bug unavocenorthernalabama.coms: Interestingly, this causes the speed of a tsunami to be controlled by the water depth, with faster speeds in deeper water, unlike wind-generated waves.

Consequently, a tsunami slows as it approaches land and reaches increasingly shallow water, with the distance between successive wave peaks decreasing.

Earthquakes and tsunamis

A tsunami is a sudden violent change in the earth's surface resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption. The volcanic or earthquake activity usually creates a huge wave underneath the ocean, which eventually come down violently onto the shoreline.

Earthquake Causes Tsunami. Energy accumulates in the overriding plate until it exceeds the frictional forces between the two stuck plates. When this happens, the overriding plate snaps back into an unrestrained position.

This sudden motion is the cause of the tsunami - because it gives an enormous shove to the overlying water.

A tsunami is a series of large waves generated by an abrupt movement on the ocean floor that can result from an earthquake, an underwater landslide, a volcanic eruption or - very rarely - a large.

A tsunami is a series of large waves generated by an abrupt movement on the ocean floor that can result from an earthquake, an underwater landslide, a volcanic eruption or - very rarely - a large.

Causes of tsunami
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